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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Assessment and Testing

Assessment and Testing

Learning Disabilities Assessment and Testing

Learn about the assessment and testing process used to diagnose learning disabilities. Learn how tests and assessments are used in schools to identify learning disabilities and develop programs. Assessment and testing to diagnose learning disabilities is a complex process. Learn what you need to know about assessment and testing for learning disabilities and special education programs.
Learning Enrichment for Elementary Aged Children
Resources for enriching your elementary child's education. Elementary school tips and tools for parents.
Educational Testing - Prepare Now for End of Year Tests
Annual educational testing is an important measure of your child's progress in both regular education and special education programs. It is never too early to begin preparing your child for annual educational testing. Learn about the important actions you can take now that will help your child get ready for annual educational testing.
Multiple Choice Testing
Did you know you can improve your test taking skills in more ways than studying alone? Learn easy strategies you can use to improved your performance on multiple choice testing.
Assessing Learning Disabilities - Learning Disability Assessment
Assessment of Learning Disabilities - Do you suspect your child has a learning disability? If so, diagnosis of the learning disability will require a full learning disability assessment. Learn about the assessment process in the diagnosis of learning disabilities in public schools.
Testing Accommodations – What are Testing Accommodations?
Learn about testing accommodations in special education programs or section 504 plans. Learn what test accommodations are, and understand various types of accommodations.
Focus on the Person First is Good Etiquette
The first step to building positive attitudes toward your child and his disability is using person first language. Learn about person first language, what it is, and how it can be used to promote focus on kids and not their disabilities.
Understanding Test Scores - Learn to Understand Test Scores
Understanding test scores is important for your child's success. Learn about the most common types of test scores used in special education programs and what they mean.
Refer Your Child for Assessment - Making Referral for Special Education Testing
If you suspect your child has a learning disability, learn how to begin the referral process and what it involves. Find out how to make a referral for your child.
What to Expect at the IEP Team Meeting - Understanding IEP Team Meetings
IEP Team meetings are an important part of your child's special education program. Learn what to expect during IEP team meetings and how you can actively participate in this important decision making process to strengthen your child's special education program.
Special Education Assessment
Testing helps the teacher and other IEP team members determine potential strengths and weaknesses, current performance levels, therefore provides insight for appropriate programming. Learn about the many types of assessments used in schools today.
Neuropsychological Assessment
Learn about neurological assessment as a tool for evaluating how their brain functioning may impact a child's learning.
Best Practices for Testing English Language Learners
Learn best practices for learning disabilities in students who are English language learners (ELL) or have English as a Second Language (ESL). Explore ways to determine appropriate testing methods and practices.
Ensuring an Appropriate Diagnosis - Tips for Accurate Assessment in Minorities
Disproportionate placement of minority children in special education programs is a growing concern in education. If you are the parent or teacher of a minority child who is being referred for special education, learn what you need to know to ensure that if a disability is diagnosed, it is appropriate for your child.
Assessment of Student Progress
Assessing students with learning disabilities can be a challenge. However, we must remember that assessing is providing the child with an opportunity to demonstrate knowledge, skill and understanding. For most learning disabled students, last on the list should be a 'pencil/paper' task. Below are a list of strategies that support and enhance assessment of learning disabled students.
Testing for English Language Learners and ESL Students
Find advice on general test taking strategies, information on specific exercises found on most standard English tests, and learn specific strategies for doing well on these types of exercises.
Standardized Tests - How to Help Your Child Prepare for Standardized Testing
Whether your child is in K-12 school or facing college entrance exams, standardized testing will play an important role in his educational future. For schools, standardized testing is an important part of accountability and effectiveness measures. Learn more about standardized testing and how you can help your child prepare.
Facts on Giftedness and LD - Characteristics and Assessment Issues
Students who are gifted and also have learning disabilities have complex educational needs. Learn more about these dually diagnosed students and common characteristics of the gifted and learning disabled.
Free Learning Styles Tests
Learn about yourself! Check out these learning style tests and self-assessment questionnaires, available free online.
Testing in the Homeschool Program
Explore thoughts on assessment in your homeschooling program.
Early Assessment of Seniors
Yale University researchers have developed a new assessment tool for health care practitioners that may help in their care of the elderly. The guided care protocol provides a standard approach for evaluating 13 clinical issues that have been shown to be common problems among the elderly, but that often go undiagnosed and untreated.
Test Taking Tips
Learn practical tips to help students be their best for their test day.
Testing Accommodations: What Does Your Child Need?
Learn what to consider when determining what types of testing accommodations your child may need.
Helping Your Child Prepare for Tests
Find strategies to help your child prepare for annual testing in school.
Learning Disability Test for Adults - Get a Learning Disability Test for Adults
Need a learning disability test for adults? Learn where to find a learning disability test for adults.
Learning Disability Tests – Tests Used to Diagnose a Learning Disability
Learn about the tests commonly used in diagnosing learning disabilities.

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