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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Autism and The CDC: Now What? - Binghamton Autism & Parenting | Examiner.com

Autism and The CDC: Now What? - Binghamton Autism & Parenting | Examiner.com

What's unfolded over the past few days will impact children, parents, and individuals diagnosed with autism quite possibly harder than the first day the words "Your child has autism" ever could. The effects are already being seen in the homes, schools and now the community as the first age group with autism graduates. It is said that each person with autism will need over 3.1 million dollars in a lifetime to live with adequate support and care.
This week it was announced that the CDC may have altered studies claiming there is no link between autism and MMR vaccines. Thanks to a whistleblower who came forward this week with his identity - William Thompson, Ph.D. Dr. Thompson has first-hand knowledge of the alleged cover-up.
From the Autism Action Network's John Gilmore, "For those of you who haven’t heard the news, William W. Thompson, Ph. D., a senior research scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has provided information to several sources alleging that he and his colleagues, who are all senior people at the CDC, altered a 2004 study to cover-up the finding that African-American male toddlers who received the Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) shot under the age of 36 months had 340% more autism than those who got the MMR older than 36 months. The alteration to the study was allegedly done to hide the relationship between the MMR and autism. Even after the alleged deception, the study still showed that children who received the MMR at a younger age had a higher autism rate than those who received it later in life. Yet the study was marketed as showing no affect. "
A connection may not yet be made by some of the parents who are 'new to the autism scene', to all of these findings, studies and even the reason behind why some non-profits were formed to begin with. Autism is a complex disorder that should be considered neurobiological, not mental , in its origin. These 'newly diagnosed' parents too will read and be sickened, angered and then hopefully will go into action and join the parents who have been saying all along, "This is real and we need to be heard".
It seems autism may even trump race. The rate increase in autism is so high in this country that even the rate increase in this covered-up study is not the highest increased rate. It's an issue that goes across all races, nationalities and economic lines. When you have an increase rate dating back as far as 1995 showing an approximate increase of at least 900% in the rate of autism diagnoses in children aged 8 and up, it was only a matter of time before these rates would be illustrated throughout the country...and the world. But know this - these studies of the rates were published by the CDC itself and there are alleged cover-ups from the start of these autism rate studies. So now, there's a cover-up of an even higher rate? It's damage that can't be undone.
The next few days and weeks will hopefully unfold the next chapter in this long, unnecessary journey that parents of children with autism must travel. Stay tuned here.

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