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We are a citizens action group advocating and lobbying for families that have a child with special needs. We believe that EVERY child has a right to a FREE and APPROPRIATE EDUCATION and should NEVER BE LEFT BEHIND.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Please Don't Turn My Head!!!

Voice of Autism - Please do not turn my head! 

Please, please, please do not let teachers, professionals, or any other well intended adults, prompt eye contact by physically turning the child's head and stating "look at me!" It is bad enough if you are verbally "prompting" the child to look at us, but physically turning the head is a physical assault on their security. They will have difficulty building "trust" in referencing you if you "force" eye contact. Nothing increases fear and anxiety more then someone grabbing your chin and turning your head to face them. It is intimidating, and threatening. If you want children to feel "safe, accepted, and competent" in your presence, do not "pressure" eye contact or any other interaction. Share, relate, and invite, and you will eventually gain "trust" and reciprocity! "Work with me, trust and respect me, and I will reciprocate! Force yourself on me, and you will lose me!"

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