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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bullying: The Bullied - Lee's Summit Tribune - Lee's Summit News

Bullying: The Bullied - Lee's Summit Tribune - Lee's Summit News

“Adults can talk to the bully but that doesn’t help, they just become sneakier. The person being bullied needs to take care of themselves,” Sally Sabata, Lee’s Summit High School counselor, said. 

It is important to never bully back. This will only aggravate the bully and cause more problems. 

“Sometimes, people are just real jerks and you have to ignore them,” Sabata said. 

The sad truth is, there is not a magical formula for getting rid of a bully. 

“Bullies only stick with people they know they affect,” Sabata said. 

When the bully is ignored, they lose their power. They won’t leave the victim alone right away. The bully will persist and it will become more and more difficult to simply walk away. 

“The ones who let it beat them down don’t have someone they can turn to talk about it,” Sabata said 
A victim of bullying must understand that they don’t deserve this treatment and surround themselves with support. Let family members, friends, and trusted adults know what is going on. The support gives them somewhere to go when it gets tough. 

“Unfortunately, the work has to come from you,” Sabata said. 

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