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Friday, January 11, 2013

Abusive and Negligent Principal Facing Criminal Charges

Education News

The parent of the student, who has proven to be an extremely strong, dedicated, relentless, and passionate advocate for her son; willing to take on the entire school district in order to ensure a safe and quality education for her son, stated that, “Mr. Raymond does not care about my son, and has never cared about him.  He has never contributed anything to my son’s education, and has only threatened, intimidated, and harassed me because I will not allow him to violate my son’s civil rights.  The only administrator that has been fair, worked with us, and done what was best for my son is Assistant Principal Sharron Archer, but because she is African-American, Raymond will not let me work with her. He told me that I could only speak with Assistant Principal Anne Greene, who is a first-year administrator or himself, the two white administrators that have mistreated my son. No other person in the district has even asked my son how he feels about what is happening to him.  He does not feel safe at the school.  I do not feel safe at the school, or why would I request a police escort?  Enough is enough.  Now that my son is a possible witness against Raymond and the others, I know that I am not sending him back there.   They could do anything to him so that he would not be able to testify against them.  Moody Middle School is not a safe place, even if the Superintendent Russo’s children go there. He better watch Mr. Raymond with his children too.”

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