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Monday, August 6, 2012

Missouri Autism Guidelines Initiative

I just received my copy of the Missouri Autism Guidelines Initiative:  Guide to Evidence-based Interventions

It is sponsored by the Thompson Foundation for Autism; the Division of Developmental Disabilities, Missouri Department of Health; the Office of Special Education, Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education; and Mercy Children’s Hospital – St. Louis and Springfield.

Here is the part that I want you to pay attention to:

Advisory Committee:

Julie Donnelly, PhD  AUTISM CONSULTANT AND TEACHER, Columbia Public Schools. Provided diagnosis and program planning for students with autism. Taught class within a class and learning disabilities resource room. half-time 1992-93. TEACHER, Delaware Elementary, Springfield, MO. Taught Multi-handicapped students with autism. Organized community based programs, peer integration, structured functional individualized curriculum. Provided alternative and augmentative communication methods and computer use for all through adaptations; 1988-1992.  TEACHER, Westport Elementary and Pershing Junior High, Springfield, MO. Taught self-contained EMR grades 1-3. Provided independent living skills training for junior high students with autism; 1985-1988. SPECIAL EDUCATION COORDINATOR AND TEACHER, Norwood R-1 Schools, MO. Coordinated special services including initiation of a gifted program. Taught EMR and LD K-6, 7-12 and Title I Math; 1981-1985.  TEACHER, Seymour Public Schools, MO. Taught self-contained Educable Mentally Retarded class K-6. Initiated Foster grandparent program; 1979-1981.


Gills vs Columbia Public Schools, MO (School prevailed in due process, appeal and appeal to 8th Circuit)
Nordbergs vs Minneapolis, MN Schools (School prevailed in due process and appeal)
Lee's Summit, MO due process (settled in school's favor, unnamed for confidentiality)
Asburys vs Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Ed (DESE prevailed and in appeal & 8th district, Supreme Court review denied)
True vs Farmington Schools, Farmington, Minnesota (School prevailed in due process)

Beth Emmendorfer, EdD Associate Superintendent at Jackson R-2 Schools

Stacey Martin, MA, MAC  Autism Consultant for Lee’s Summit R-7 School District.  In charge of my son’s IEP throughout his education.  Never used any evidence based interventions for my son.  Never worked on my son’s social issues in a manner that is scientifically proven and evidence based.  Decided to give my son a calculator for math instead of one-on-one help as recommended by psychologist.  If you need to more, ask me.  I can fill you in on a lot.

Donald McCary, Director of Applied Behavior Analysis for Special School District

Kaye Otten, Ph.D. Autism and Behavior Specialist with the Lee’s Summit R-VII School District  Also worked with my son.  Enough said.

Kim Ratcliffe  Associate Executive Director Student Services at Missouri School Boards' Association

Keenan Stump SLPSpeech-Language Pathologist Olathe, KS

Sherri R. Tucker
Cofounder and President Lee's Summit Autism Support Group
Cofounder MOAFAA (Missouri Advocates for Families Affected by Autism)

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