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We are a citizens action group advocating and lobbying for families that have a child with special needs. We believe that EVERY child has a right to a FREE and APPROPRIATE EDUCATION and should NEVER BE LEFT BEHIND.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Title IX Complaint Against Paddling Statesbr February 6, 2010

Title IX Complaint Against Paddling Statesbr February 6, 2010


Anonymous said...

Parents and Tax-Payers expect children to be safe in our schools. There is no more basic right than to be free from violence; physical punishment of adults is not permissible, young people should expect no less. It is a "dirty little secret" that children continue to be struck with wooden boards for School "Discipline" in 20 states, Illegal in Schools in 30 states! We are unable to protect our 3 children from overhearing classmates being paddled just outside class for minor infractions such as not turning in homework. TN State Law does Not require Parental Consent of Notification for children to be physically/corporally punished at school.

faceofautism said...

I agree. Missouri just had a hearing and they added corporal punishment back in for certain kids on IEPs. Isn't that lovely? I had to remove my child from school because they were emotionally, psychologically, and mentally destroying him. Just think, they could have made the cycle complete and physcially destroyed him as well. Insanity.